Sunday, November 29, 2009

emo boys kissing

We live on Capitol Hill and we like fixed gears and dressing cool as well as listening to hip music and also we skateboard sometimes but mostly only if our fixies get a flat tire and even then we ride our backup bikes but what really matters is that we wear scarves and like MGMT and wander Broadway for hours, sometimes days, just to make sure that people notice us, especially gurrls, we like gurrls, especially if they are also hip, like they wear clothes from the 50s or something, thatz pretty cool, and we all smoke American Spirit cigarettes, or roll our own if someone is watching, and then we sit on the corner of Pike and Broadway and puff away and then we make fun of gross grungy sk8rs who always tell us that we have girls bikes but little do they know my bike cost $1000 dollars and they couldnt even afford that in their whole lives, but I on the other hand have enough moneys to buy 20 fixed gear bicycles, but instead i spend most of my money on stylish clothes from American Apparel or cigarettes, but its okay because my dad gives me some more money if i ever run out.

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